Pizza Party

— From the young to the middle-aged to the elderly, most enjoy pizza. When you make it a pizza party with music and laughs what can go wrong with that picture. Let me answer that for you (Nothing). Residents enjoyed pizza and some music with conversations on making pizza. Residents shared their stories of making pizza... Read More

Heritage Day Performance

— Each year residents work alongside the Activities department and other staff members to learn a new dance routine for our annual Heritage Day performance. The community looks forward to what our residents at Salyersville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center have in store for them. The residents, as usual, took the stage by storm and to much... Read More

Pickling Corn

— Residents along with the Activities and Therapy departments shucked corn and cut it off the cob for pickling. The jars were stuffed with the corn and pickled by the residents. I so enjoy watching the residents do the things they do best and teaching along the way. Canning is an art that is being lost... Read More

Kentucky Horse Park Trip

— Residents took a trip to the Kentucky Horse Park on August 22. We started out our day heading to Lexington for an adventure. Of course, many laughs were had along the way and throughout the day. Our first stop was at Cracker Barrel for a good home-cooked meal. Residents selected a variety of items from... Read More

October 14th is Dessert Day

— There may not be a better dessert than a mouth-watering slice of pie fresh from the oven, but serving your pie with a dollop of whipped cream, or “a la mode” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, may dress up this treat. Add a dash of creativity and a simple pie becomes a true... Read More

Halloween Games

— PIN THE NOSE ON THE JACK-O-LANTERN Create a large pumpkin out of cardboard, or make one out of construction paper and pin it to a bulletin board. Paint or glue eyes and a mouth on the jack-o-lantern, leaving the area where the nose should be empty. Cut out several yellow triangles, writing the person’s name... Read More

Prom with the Dayton Group

— The Dayton Group is a Christian based group that travels to Eastern Kentucky each summer to spread the word of Christ and good deeds. Residents enjoyed their company all summer long with the Dayton Group visiting twice a week. Residents made many friends over the summer. The residents had a Prom with the Dayton Group... Read More

September 14th is Live Creative Day: Ways to Enhance Your Creativity

— Keep an Idea Journal. Do this regularly, and you may often start having more ideas the moment you start to write. Allow yourself the freedom to think outside the box. Aim for Quantity. Generate lot of ideas for you to go through later. With a large list of ideas, you’ll have more options to choose from. Be... Read More

September 21 is World Gratitude Day: The Gratitude Attitude

— Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It may not look as good as money, a fancy car or the latest makeover – in fact, you can’t see it at all – but gratitude has more power to change your life than all these material things put together. The dictionary tells us... Read More

Find Balance with the Autumn Equinox

— The equinox happens twice annually: once in March (spring equinox), and once in September (autumn equinox.) The autumn equinox, also known as the first day of fall, will be celebrated around the world on September 23rd this year. What is an equinox? The term equinox comes from the Latin words aequus and nox. These words... Read More