Snowman Painting

— Residents enjoy painting snowmen on canvas for a soothing activity. Residents really enjoy crafts and creating things. Their creative juices flow and they create things to make them their own. Residents were given a drawing on canvas of a snowman and they selected what colors they would like to paint their snowman. Even a few... Read More

Resident Celebrates 90th Birthday

— Tootsie celebrated her 90th birthday with her fellow resident and her family. Tootsie was all smiles with her birthday crown on to celebrate her milestone birthday. Turning 90 is a big accomplishment for anyone. Tootsie is spunky and fun loving. The residents loved helping her to celebrate with her only child Pam Patrick and her... Read More

National Hat Day

— Residents along with the Activity Department enjoyed National Hat Day with a variety of hats and the meaning behind each one. Residents laughed and talked about cowboy hats, gardening hats, welding hats, chef hats and many more. Residents tried on a selection of hats and posed for pictures. We also made our very own birthday... Read More

Happy Birthday to our Residents and Staff!

— Happy Birthday! Residents and Staff Richard K. March 01 Carmeleata V. March 02 Valerie C. March 04 Ellis G. March 07 Janice A. March 08 Ruth B. March 10 Leander B. March 17 Elwood C. March 19 Marvin R. March 21 Larry W. March 23 Carol S. March 30

Most Popular Flowers to Plant on March 12: Plant A Flower Day

— Cosmos – These flowers have the ability to grow anywhere from 12 inches to 4 feet tall. Cosmos are perfect for cutting gardens and are often picked out of gardens and used in flower arrangements. Marigold – Marigolds can be found in yellow, orange, red or a combination of all colors. This type of flower... Read More

Cookie Making

— No Christmas would be complete without the making of homemade Christmas cookies. Residents enjoyed stirring up their batter and rolling it out to cut out cookies of their desired shape to be decorated. Residents made sugar cookies and decorated them with various sprinkles and icings to make their most perfect Christmas cookie. They were delicious!!

New Year’s Celebration for 2020

— Residents along with the Activities Department rang in the new year with sparkling grape juice and some beads and crowns to set the party off. Residents recapped the year and created a time capsule of some of their greatest memories of the 2019 year to be opened next year on New Year’s Day 2021. When... Read More

Kisha Collinsworth & Helping Hearts

— Kisha Collinsworth started her program, Helping Hearts, two years ago. Helping Hearts was a program that Kisha had started to ensure residents of Salyersville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center had a great Christmas. This year Kisha had plenty of help from others in the community and the Southern Brothers Motorcycle Club. Kisha had taken a list... Read More

School Children Spread the Word of Christmas

— Every year we are visited by the local school children to spread the word of Christmas to the residents and staff. Residents this year enjoyed visits from Salyersville Grade School and South Magoffin Elementary. Each school brought along gifts for the residents that the children had worked on bringing in to make our residents Christmas... Read More

Christmas with the Help of Santa and B&B Discount Tobacco

— Our friends at B & B Discount Tobacco allowed Salyersville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to display an Angel Tree for all the residents’ wishes for Christmas. Tammy and Bill and all their employees insured that each and every angel was taken from the tree and each were brought back. This created a very special Christmas... Read More