Success Story: Mitchell B.

Mitchell B. was admitted to Salyersville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with a sprained ankle, hypertension and type 2 diabetes with hyperglycemia. He was set up on a plan with not only skilled physical and occupational therapy, but also to receive education on ways to monitor and control his hypertension and diabetes.

Mitchell went from being a max assist with bed mobility and unable to stand with his sprained ankle to requiring set up only in the bed and walking 175 feet with a rolling walker! He was able to stand unsupported for 1-2 minutes and transfer independently! Through the care and education of our dietician, therapists, doctor and nurses, and by the determination of Mitchell himself, he was able to discharge home better than ever!

It was our pleasure to serve Mitchell B. during his stay with us at Salyersville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He was an inspiration to our other residents and staff. We hope that he comes to visit us soon as we are so proud of his accomplishments.

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