The Winter Time Blues

Many are either homebound or become depressed during the winter months. Winter can take it’s tow on our bodies mentally and physically. Winter is when we are out in Mother Nature’s cold frigid temperatures or stuck indoors in the dry heat. This combination can easily affect our bodies and immune systems. Flu season run’s ramped along with many other viruses and colds. Essential Oils are being used more widely to brighten our mood and to strengthen our immune system. The following are five Essential Oil’s to combat the winter time blues. Bergamot is an essential oil used for when you are feeling low. It is known as a natural mood lifter. Bergamot is spicy and sweet with a citrus smell. Frankincense can be used during hand washing to strengthen the immune system and to relax you for a good night’s sleep. Grapefruit essential oil’s can give you a burst of energy for when you are sleepy and unmotivated. Sandalwood oil increases blood flow. You can add sandalwood oil to your bath to revitalize your senses. Ylang Ylang essential oils have a floral sweet smell to boost your mood. It is also great for your skin and those dry cracked hands. You can use essential oils many different ways. Essential oils can be used in your bath, as a room spray or on your linens. Go ahead and run out to the store and stock up on these essential oils to brighten those winter blues. For more information on these essential oils visit

Tabatha Mann, Activities Director

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