Family Day

— Founders Day is a festival in Salyersville celebrated on Labor Day weekend full of fun for the whole family. SNRC had our first annual Family Day during our Founders Day weekend. Residents, family, and the community enjoyed live music by Paul and Andrew Hiner, a bake sale, free icees and popcorn, and the parade!

Cooking Class

— Residents along with the Activity Department made Butterfinger delight in cooking class. Residents love learning and making new recipes and a sweet treat always makes them happy.

Don’t Skip a Beat – Prepare for Heart Attacks

— Know the risks. Be educated about the risks you and your loved ones face. Certain behaviors and conditions can increase your risk for a heart attack, including smoking, having uncontrolled high blood pressure, being overweight, and eating an unhealthy diet. Have a heart-to-heart. Engage friends, family members, and loved ones in a conversation about heart... Read More

Four Things You Can Do to Prevent Falls

— Speak up. Tell a provider right away if you fall, worry about falling, or feel unsteady. Have your doctor or pharmacist review all the medicines you take, even over-the-counter medicines. As you get older, the way medicines work in your body can change. Keep moving. Exercises that improve balance and make your legs stronger, lower... Read More

Better Breakfast Month

— Eating breakfast may be one of the secrets to staying healthy. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to fuel your body so that you can have energy throughout the day. A good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. People who eat a healthy breakfast daily are more likely to... Read More

Twin Day

— Looks like we have some twins! Here at SNRC we like to take the time to have a little fun. Staff enjoyed a day dressing like twins. Such a fun day!

Making Butter

— Residents along with the Activity Department made strawberry butter. Residents cut fresh strawberries and tried their hand at mixing their own butter. The Dietary Department made rolls to complete this tasty treat.

Summer Gala

— Residents at SNRC were treated with a Summer Gala Luncheon complete with pork chops, baked potatoes, green beans, rolls, and coconut pie. Thanks to The Seasonal Shop in Salyersville for providing us with beautiful centerpieces and our dietary department for this wonderful meal.

August is Sandwich Month

— No matter how you slice it, everyone seems to have a favorite sandwich. In a month known for its “dog-days” and heat, a sandwich may provide just the meal you need. They’re low fuss, yet can be quick and nutritious, and most require no cooking. A sandwich by definition includes one or more pieces of... Read More

Ways to Help You Relax: Relaxation Day is August 15

— Stressed out? Fatigued? Or simply having a bad day? It’s time to relax! Here are five easy ways to help you stress less and relax more: Stretch out on your back or sit comfortably where you are. Slowly move through your body tightening and flexing as you go until you reach your face and neck,... Read More