Several Ways to Improve Your Memory

— Getting plenty of exercise will help your memory. Exercise improves the blood flow throughout your body, including the brain. This can invigorate your mind and improve its ability to remember. Even a brief walk for ten minutes can increase your circulation. The fresh air wakes up the brain and keeps it alert, which improves its... Read More

Four Basic Rules for Effective Reading and Better Comprehension

— Try to read more and more. Remember the saying: Practice makes progress. Develop the habit of reading for main ideas. Know the main characters. Know how they help the plot or move along the story. Learn to read with focus and concentration. Think of what you are reading. Do not let your attention wander to... Read More

4th of July Games

— If you’re hosting a 4th of July party, there are hours and hours to fill before the highlight events of the day begin: the fireworks! Guessing Game – These games are always popular for just about any occasion. Fill a large jar with peppermint candy (the red and white striped kind) and decorate it with... Read More

Gardening in the Courtyard

— Finally, the sun is shining! We took advantage of those warm rays and got our hands dirty. Our residents enjoyed creating a beautiful flower garden in our courtyard for all to enjoy. The residents planted a variety of flowers such as begonias, impatiens, and petunias. We also learned about where each plant could be planted... Read More

Busy Bee’s Homemaking Club

— Resident’s enjoyed meeting for their first official Busy Bee’s Club! Residents took part in traditions of homemaking with this club while enjoying each other’s company. During the meeting we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, crafted a paper quilt piece, had a snack, and read a short passage from Chicken Soup for the Soul. What a... Read More

Happy Birthday Wishes!

— Happy Birthday to our lovely Residents Richard U. July 01 James G. July 06 Meneva W. July 07 Owen B. July 12 Vicki F. July 15 Terry M. July 25 Happy Birthday to our amazing Staff Bethany Tate July 03 Regina McCarty July 05 Taylor Coleman July 05 Monna Dingus July 10 Tammy Rowe July... Read More

National Therapeutic Recreation Week

— Celebrate National Therapeutic Recreation this July 11-17, as we honor recreational therapists and the importance of activities that help the recovery and healing of people with various disabilities. Therapeutic recreation programs may include sports, expressive arts, muscle relaxation techniques, gardening, and many other enjoyable activities.

Great Ideas for Summer Parties or Get Togethers

— After last year, everyone is looking forward to this summer— especially family togethers and cookouts! No matter who you are with, what your summer or 4th of July traditions are or how you celebrate, there are many ways to enjoy the summer. Here are some easy ways to make this year memorable: Go for lots... Read More

Superhero Birthday Celebration

— Superhero’s come in all shapes and forms!! Residents and staff are superhero’s everyday around here at Salyersville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center! We brought out everyone’s inner superhero with a great big superhero themed birthday party and some photo ops. You never know when you just might meet a superhero!

Nursing home week goes on with a bang!!

— Salyersville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center celebrated National Nursing Home Week with several different themes for the week. Starting off the week we went back in time with all the glitz and glam of Old Hollywood with some black and white photo ops and finished the day with a movie and popcorn. Next up we headed... Read More