New Family Visitation Center

Mitchell Combs, Maintenance Assistant was painting our new Family Visitation Center preparing it for use. We would like to thank the maintenance department for all the hard work they have done to ensure that our residents and family members have a beautiful and comfortable area to come to for visiting with one another. Nice job guys!!

Family Visitation began with outdoor visits for the families and residents while maintaining social distancing. Family visitation area was located on the side of the building with beautiful flowers and under an awning for shade. Families and residents were so pleased to finally be able to see their loved ones due to the current Covid pandemic. Pictured below left: Tootsie visiting with her family

Russel W. enjoyed visiting with his family in the outdoors with the shade trees overhead and the cool breeze blowing. The serein nature and quite was a perfect setting for him to visit with his family. Russel and his family enjoyed talking and laughing during their visit with one another and the great outdoors.

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